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adil hossain

Robotics and Machine vision Engineer.An enthusiast in Machine Learning and Technology. I am also a Bangladeshi HAM. Sierra Two One Kilo Golf(S21KG) is my callsign.

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I'm Adil Hossain, Sierra Two One Kilo Golf(S21KG) is my callsign, a robotics developer and engineer.I am passionate about technology.Besides Robotics and Automation I also work dedicated with machine vision and machine learning. Graduated from BRAC University in Computer Science and Engineering and former Vice President of Robotics Club of BRAC University.I am also appointed as instructor of basic Robotics in Residential Campus of BRACU, Savar. Currently I am working as a full time Machine Vision Engineer at Arthor Ltd. in Dhaka. I live in Dhaka,Bangladesh.


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Dhaka, Bangladesh